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Discover delicious eats

Foodies unite! Whatever you're craving, Joi Delivers.

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Parcels & documents, too

Need a package or an important document delivered in a hurry? Convenience Delivered means Joi Delivers those, too.

Those pesky returns

Purchase something locally or online that just isn't right? Don't just let it sit, pack it up and we'll return it for you.

Grocery pick-up

Place your grocery order with your favorite store and with just a few clicks, we'll pick it up curbside.

Raise your spirits

Whether stocking up for a party or a last minute toast, Joi Delivers beer, wine & spirits.

Markets vary. Certain requirements apply.

We'll do the to-do

Drop off the kids, enjoy that yoga class and visit with the parents at soccer practice. Let us grab the dry cleaning and dinner tonight. We Deliver Time!

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All the things you love ❤️

Joi Delivers whatever you want so you can spend time making memories doing the things you love with the ones you love.

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Convenience Delivered™ 🚗🥡🛍️

Just a couple clicks. Spend a few minutes, save a few hours.

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We Deliver Time ⏰⏳

Time. A precious gift. Make the most of it. We'll grab dinner and meet you at the house.

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Smiles Delivered Daily™ 😁

Serving smiles, delivering daily. Skip the trip, let us get it for you.

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It starts with giving💕🤝

Joi was born to give back. We believe we can make a difference in the world, one smile at a time.

Don't 🚫 stress, we deliver time! 🚗 ⏰

Ever find yourself squeezed for time? Wishing you had a few more hours in the day? We can help! Let us run those errands and fetch dinner tonight, you relax & enjoy.

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It's all about you, 😎 the Driver! 🚗

Joi is a company Built for the Driver, by the Driver.™ We get it. You are the most important piece of the puzzle. Yet, for some reason, you are undervalued by the industry. It's time for that to change.

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😎 Our Culture 😎

Happiness is contagious.

Our Story

Joi is a tech company that delivers. When we started out, we asked two simple questions: why does delivery have to be just food & groceries? And why can’t it be good for all? So we crafted a plan on the back of a napkin and got to work. What we found is that our Customers want time & Convenience Delivered. For our Reps, the next frontier. Better pay for Drivers. A fair deal for Merchants. A profitable, charitable endeavor for all. But, ultimately, it’s our culture that helps us do what we originally set out to do: make the world a better place by delivering Joi, one smile at a time.

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Joi Cares

A Portion of the Profit™ on every delivery goes to help feed hungry children & support The Salvation Army who is known for Doing the Most Good. Our Drivers are leading the way by volunteering their time & service. Our Customers pitch in, too, through our Round Up program. This charitable giving initiative helps us stay true to who we are. Joi is a company that Cares.

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