We pay more. 🎯

Joi gives Drivers an opportunity to earn 2-4x the industry average. Let’s talk about how.

Get Paid 💰 3 Ways.

1. Get paid per delivery. 🥡📦 2. Keep 100% of your tips. 💯 3. Get paid when others drive. 🚗

The DRP 🚀 Driver Referral Program

Refer someone that drives… 🤑 YOU GET PAID!

When they refer someone that drives… 💵 YOU GET PAID!

When those Drivers refer Drivers that drive… 💰 YOU GET PAID!

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The Driver Program Overview explains all the details about being a Joi Driver. Our happiest Drivers read this first.

See Driver Program Overview

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Your Driver Dashboard

This best-in-class Driver portal contains all you need to unlock your growth potential and power your earning ability to new heights.

All Joi Drivers get their own Driver Dashboard included with approved signup!

  • Download marketing materials that are approved for your use
  • Purchase branded Joi Delivers business cards
  • See your DRP organization by level
  • See the history of your deliveries
  • Get training guides & tutorials
  • Browse the Joi Gear Store
  • View earnings reports
  • Access key videos