From day one, our company was created to help bring more happiness to people. Joi Cares is more than the name of our charitable giving initiative, it’s who we are at our core. It’s about giving:  giving our time and resources to help our communities. We believe we are making a difference - one person at a time, one smile at a time.

💵 Your Change Can Change Lives 😍

Our Round Up program allows Customers to round up their order to the next dollar.

In addition to that, Joi as a company contributes a Portion of the Profit™ on every delivery.

When we all give just a little, together it adds up to a lot.

We are having a real impact on the lives of real people.
You can make a difference every time you place an order.
Your change can truly change lives.

🚗 Drivers Leading The Way ❤️

Our company is Built for the Driver, By the Driver.™

We are creating a culture of Drivers who want to give back to their communities.

Drivers contribute by volunteering their time and service to help those in need. For example, delivering meals to the elderly, running errands for veterans, or volunteering time in the community.

Our Drivers are an integral part of the Joi Cares charitable giving initiative. And we are SO thankful.

💪Stronger Together💪

We’ve chosen to partner with The Salvation Army to deliver on our core values. We must make sure our mission of giving back to local communities is realized. With this partnership, we know it is.

About The Salvation Army’s Program

The Salvation Army has been providing to those most in need for more than 150 years. They are committed to serving everyone without discrimination and they do so by helping approximately 23 million Americans each year and even more internationally.

This foundation of service has a transformative impact on very real problems facing American communities today: from homelessness, hunger and disaster recovery to veterans’ support and care for the elderly.